Brisbane born Sarah-Jane is a tanned, brown eyed, slim blonde who extremely motivated and destined to be in front of the camera. Sarah-Jane takes pride in all her work, as it is both her passion and her goal. With extensive experience in the industry having worked for some of Australia’s most prestigious companies, Sarah-Jane is professional and dedicated to the industry

-    Age: 22yrs old
-    Hair: Blonde/Long
-    Eyes: Brown
-    Skin: Tanned
-    Height: 5'6" / 166cm
-    Weight: 47kg's
-    Bust: 78cm/10C
-    Waist: 60cm
-    Hip: 76cm's

Print and editorial including: swimwear, lingerie, sports fitness, glamour, parts modeling, hair & makeup. Sarah-Jane also has acting experience and is available for commercials, internet advertising and music videos.

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